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Pit Bulls Pictures
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Pit Bulls - Pictures - Physical Description

Pit Bulls are wonderful working dogs with a notorious history of rather cruel animals and fighting dogs. The UKC standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier is rather vague. The dog is square with a blocky head, prominent jaw and powerful cheeks. The ears can be cropped or not. A muscular body characterizes all Pit Bull breeds. The short shiny coat can be of any color.

 Pit Bulls - Pictures
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There are such Pit Bull strains as the Red Nose and Blue Pit Bull Terrier. They have a peculiar coat and nose color. However, exterior characteristics have never been a matter of primary importance in Pit Bulls.

The American Pit Bull Terrier belongs to the same stock as the Am Staff. Nevertheless, American Pit Bulls cannot be registered as Am Staffs. Am Staffs, however, are admitted to the American Pit Bull Terrier registry.

The Am Staff should be stocky, with a strong neck tapering from shoulders to the back of the skull. The shoulders are strong. The entire appearance suggests power and confidence.

Pit Bulls - Pictures - Temperamental Traits

Strength, outstanding confidence, remarkable courage and great zest for life are the typical features of all the Pit Bull breeds. They make excellent companions for active people who are interested in training and exercising their dog. These breeds do exceptionally well in various performance events due to their versatility and intelligence. They are always willing to work.

Pit Bulls - Pictures - History

The history of Pit Bull breeds is rather interesting. The Pit Bull breeds resulted from crosses between Bulldogs and Terriers. The Terriers are tireless workers with excellent temperament and with the Bulldogs' zest, they developed successful fighting dogs. Whatever people say about Pit Bulls nowadays, these dogs were originally created to fight. Bull baiting and dog fighting is a part of their history.

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American pit bull terrier dogs are best obtained through a reputable, experienced breeder.

Pit Bull - PicturesPit Bull - PicturesPit Bull - PicturesPit Bull - Pictures
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